Name:                PETER LUFTING

Occupation:       DJ & PRODUCER

Style:                  Jackin’, Progressive and Luxurious House


Peter One, also known as Peter Lufting, grew up in the Netherlands.

Born in 1985, he has seen and experienced first-hand the development of the different styles of dance music and emerging new technologies, from cassette to LP, CD and a range of Digital music as it is used nowadays.

“How great would it be if music actually transforms the lives of people?”

Having had a vision for a long time, Peter One aims to create something bigger, something more visionary. He aspires to change music as we know it; from something that is created just for entertainment, into something that truly impacts and influences lives in positive life-altering way

After starting as DJ at smaller venues and subsequently bigger events he deepened his knowledge of Music Production and started supporting and working with a DJ school where he also co-founded a Producer school ( &

Enjoying what he does, but also looking for the next challenge, he started to produce tracks for his own brand in 2014. Peter One signed his first track, Hunted (2015), at PM Recordings. Other tracks followed like On The Edge (PM Recordings), Recall (Delicious House) and, surprisingly, the Blazing Light Album remix for the C3 band, Australia.

Other great tracks were released and support came from artists such as Thomas Gold, Ilker Akay, Don Cartel and release parties at PM Recordings Beatport Takeover and FADED.

His music is divided into various house styles such as Groovy Luxurious House, for those sun shining palmtree beach events, as well as Jackin’ music and EDM Progressive drops for clubnight sessions.

The future surely looks bright, and with Peter One behind the decks your next clubnights will be thrilling. Expect new topreleases, collaborations, and bigger DJ Performances for coming year!

Being interested, bookings or just have a question? Contact me at the Contact page.